Glen B's -
About Us
     We are Glen and Sandy Craig and live in Wiscasset, Maine.  We both love a good chocolate chip cookie!  Back in 2003, after mixing many batches and adjusting the ingredients many times, we finally produced a chocolate chip cookie that we think is just right.  Large, thick, nicely browned, and oh so good.  We had many taste testers, including our children, Joshua, Keith, Jacob, Matthew, and Hayhlee who also have a love for a good chocolate chip cookie.   
     We were always asked to bring our cookies to pot luck suppers, get togethers, and company events, and we always came home with an empty platter. This got us thinking, we need to market these cookies.  In 2004 Glen B's Homemade Cookies began,  baking cookies from our home in mid coast Maine, and delivering to local convenience stores.
     After baking cookies for 8 years, we were asked to bake classic whoopie pies for Red's Eats, a local popular lobster shack on the Sheepscot river in Wiscasset Maine. We have received many good reviews from patrons of the local eatery, which is open from mid April to mid October each year. Although we no longer deliver cookies to local convenience store, we still make cookies when requested. 
     We hope you will try one of our whoopie pies the next time you visit Red's Eats!
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